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Deena Perkins » Social Studies - It's Not Just History.

Social Studies - It's Not Just History.

Welcome to my page. My name is Deena Perkins and I'm the social studies teacher, grades 8-12, at Gateway DAEP. This is my third year at Gateway and I love being here. I have a bachelor's degree in journalism, a master's degree in social work and am certified to teach social studies, grades 6-12 (all at the University of Texas at Austin. Yes, they have gotten a lot of my money).

This is my third career, so I bring a lot of life experience into the classroom, including as a newspaper reporter, graphic designer, public relations representative, social worker, policy analyst and lobbyist for a non-profit. I also worked in a Texas representative's office, so I have vast knowledge of local, state and the federal government.

The picture you see is of me and my two sons. The oldest is 19 and is in his sophomore year at the University of British Columbia, studying music and microbiology. The youngest is 17 and a senior at Austin High School. They, along with my husband, dog and two cats, make up my immediate family. I am lucky to have all of them in my life and love spending as much time as I can with them. My other favorite things to do are exercising and reading - mostly history (yes, I do that in my spare time as well as for my job!).

I know it is a cliche, but I got into teaching because I really want to make a difference, I love kids, and I love history and government. As a social worker, I believe I bring a unique perspective and experience to Gateway.

Every student who walks through the doors of this school is special and I hope that I can not only give them knowledge about the subject in which they are enrolled, but knowledge they can apply to real life. I also hope I can give them the tools to feel self-confident and positive about themselves when they leave our campus.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.