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Carrie Brotherton » Attendance Clerk/Receptionist

Attendance Clerk/Receptionist

Hi, I am the Gateway Attendance Clerk/Receptionist and have been at Gateway for 11 years.
I really enjoy working with the students and staff here at Gateway and enjoy meeting the parents
and students who come to our campus. I am starting my 24th year with BISD. Out of the many jobs
I have had in my life, this has been the most challenging and rewarding of them all. I have worked
in many different areas in BISD and have learned different skills from each position and enjoyed
them all. I feel that the students of today are our future and we should all do our part to help them
achieve their full potential. I have raised five beautiful daughters and have 3 granddaughters ,
4 grandsons and 1 great-grandson. All my daughters and most of my grandchildren have attended
Bastrop Schools. My great-grandson is starting second grade at Emile Elementary, I also have a
granddaughter at Bluebonnet elementary and this year my youngest granddaughter is entering
 Kindergarten at Emile Elementary. My daughter Ranae is the Registrar at Emile, which is an
awesome Campus!
Gateway is a really great campus with unique staff who work hard to help our students strive
for success. We use all the resources available to us and are constantly seeking answers to
help us be the best educators we can be for the students. 
It is important that we support our local schools and that our students know we are there for
them. I have made many friends over the years in the district and am so grateful for the first
of the year convocations.  I can renew the connections,say hello,and start the year with
happy memories. I am looking forward to a really great year! I hope everyone has a wonderful year!
Carrie Brotherton

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