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Welcome, parents and students, to Gateway School.  I  am the math instructor for grades 9-12. This includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Math Models, AQR, and several other senior level classes.
In my classes, we will follow the district scope and sequence for curriculum. We cover the same content that is covered at the student's home campus, and I work with the specialists and teachers at both CCHS and BHS.  My goal is to have my students on track with their class on return.  Grades will be updated regularly in Family Access, so be sure to ask if you have any questions.
My conference period is from 8:30-9:30 each day. You will be able to reach me at 512-772-7820 or at .  I will answer emails within the next business day.  
My hometown is Huntsville, Alabama, known to many as Rocket City and home of Space Camp. I spent 4 years at Auburn University.  While there I was lucky enough to be selected as a co-op/intern at The National Security Agency just outside Washington, D.C. where I worked with top secret projects.  Later, I worked as an intern at the US Office of Education in D.C.  This meant I alternated quarters of work with quarters of school, and was the way I financed my college education.
After marriage, my family moved 8 times in the first 12 years, due to my husband's career in military construction. We lived in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and - most surprisingly - Saudi Arabia.  These moves and our travels throughout Europe allowed me to experience people and cultures different from my own and taught me to value others' insights and opinions and ways of doing things.
I have lived in the Austin area for many years now.  I went back to school at UT in Austin,  and I recently moved to Bastrop. I have taught in the Austin School District (grades 7 and 8 math and Algebra I) and Round Rock ISD (geometry and math models). I spent 8 years teaching at Bastrop High School (geometry, Algebra II, Taks Prep).  Five of those years I served as Geometry Team Leader.
This is my 8th year here at Gateway.  Teaching here gives me an opportunity to work more closely with students, and I know I can really help them with their math skills.   I feel very strongly that even though they made an unfortunate choice that got them here, their education should not be adversely affected.
We are a team here at Gateway; we work closely together and strive to provide our students with the highest quality of education.  I would not want to teach anywhere other than here.
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education with Honors from University of Texas in Austin
Certificate: Secondary Mathematics  (Grades 6-12)
Certificate: Secondary  Social Studies Composite   (Grades 6-12)
I cover the same topics in the same order as the high school  teachers.  The math teachers at both CCHS and BHS are sharing their lesson plans this year, which means I will always be aware of the material currently being taught.
If you wish to be provided with a list of topics to be covered for your course, please contact me at
 512-772-7820 or at . I will be happy to provide you with the topics being taught while you or your student is here.